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A personal reflection on the separation caused by military training and deployment from the perspective of an Air Force wife.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Counting down...

This week was yet again a hectic one.  I've been slowly but surely getting this reorganization project completed, I just need to reorganize the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and I'm done, thank goodness!!!  This passed Tuesday was our wedding anniversary and I was feeling really down, I didn't cry but I definitely felt like it.  I'm just tired of crying, which is what I did for most of the first week, so I tried my hardest to not give in to the urge. I just can't wait for Aaron to come home in a few weeks, I'm just so excited for that day.  Our daughter and I are already planning his homecoming but at the same time I keep telling myself that not long after that he'll be gone again and it won't be for a month!  I still can't believe this is happening and on top of all that a few things have gone wrong at home that NEVER went wrong when Aaron was here.  For example 3 different light bulbs went out within a day of eachother, that may not sound like a big deal but in the nearly one year we've been living in this house that hasn't happened.  Then our wall clock in the living room died, which hasn't happened before, either.  Okay, okay, so that doesn't seem too bad either, hopefully that'll be the extent of anything bad!!!

I just want things to go back to normal and I'm most likely going to have to wait until next year for that to happen...

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