Reflection 1

A personal reflection on the separation caused by military training and deployment from the perspective of an Air Force wife.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

So much going on...

This week has been pretty hectic for both Aaron and I, but for different reasons.  I've been buying storage containers and drawers and reorganizing the house.  Aaron, on the other hand, has been busy with all the rigorous training that he's been assigned to do, most of the time clocking in 18 hour days. He's actually been so good about calling and making time for our daughter and me.  I keep on telling him that I completely understand that he's busy and tired so there isn't any need to call all the time but he's so devoted to keeping in touch that he calls us every chance that he gets.
I actually missed his call today since our daughter and I went on base to run some errands so I was a bit disappointed about that but I'm sure I'll get a call later on.  I actually feel like this months finally going by fast enough for me and hopefully that's how it'll be when the actual deployment is underway.  In the meantime, I'm busying my self with this reorganization and my goal is to have everything done before my Love comes back home.  I just want our daughter and I to spend as much time with Aaron that we can because he will be gone for a while and we love him so much!!!

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